Azure Resource Manager Logs: One-pager explaining core logging functionality

Not a day goes by I need to refresh my memory where certain operation is logged in Azure? is there separate logging setting needed to be enabled? Is it enabled per resource?

That’s the reason I created this short helper documentation, to have a simple example of core logging related to Azure Resoure Manager operations.

  • Note: this article excludes:
    • Azure AD logs, such as various sign-in and audit logs (Subject I’ve covered in many other blogs, and very important too)
    • Application insights, or functional logs created inline from the application runtime (for example adding middleware that writes directly to Log Analytics custom log events)

Basic configuration

  • Activity log: Configured in Azure Activity Log per Subscription
  • Diagnostic log: Configured in individually the resources diagnostic settings



Connect Azure Activity data to Azure Sentinel | Microsoft Docs

My friend @samilamppu pointed me at this resource explaining it at the docs

Overview of Azure platform logs – Azure Monitor | Microsoft Docs

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