Welcome to the Metapage / ”MetaStuff” related to improving discoverability and relevancy of this wordpress blog – Not directly related to the content presented in the blog itself.


First of all, is primarily documentation source for me, which results in content output on fairly regular basis. This affects sometimes consistency, as I want to nail down just most important aspects of some finding, or test I’ve been doing.

Hoping obviously, that its consistent enough to help anyone looking to improve some knowledge area, or an particular problem


1. Increasing discoverability of related content (increasing traffic)

  • Use categories for all blogs
  • Link any existing and relevant blogs to any new blogs as background manually, or related blogs ”embed”
Manually, as ”background”


  • Existing and ”old” blogs are better discovered through their relevancy to the top blog. (On a ”downside” this forces you to keep some of the old blogs also updated, which might sometimes be a boring chore)


Blog ”Azure AD B2X is here !” which got about 12 000 views in few days also drove the traffic of the AAD category, which is part of ”related content”

Category ”AAD”