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Project Log Part 2: Automating Azure Security Reports – NodeJS API for AZSK


If you are interested about the project in general, check Project Log 0: Automating Azure Security Reports With AZSK, NodeJS and PS

New features

Creating scan database API for enhanced reporting

I wanted to provide easy path from the report itself to access further scan details without going to filesystem manually.

To do this, I created an API, which Ingests some files provided by AZSK toolkit scan run results. API will simply turn the URL path to params which it uses to lookup the controlID and resource.

Function change log:

Demo of the implemented features

  • Load detailed item report from the API server
  • At the moment its just API, no front-end components, or client side rendering) it just blurts out ’Content-type:Application/json’
  • Access the particular object in Azure from the report via direct link to Azure Resource
Clicking any link in the doc
Will make the local instance of reporting server load the scan details
If you don’t find what you were looking for in the report, just click the ’investigate’ (in the previous picture)

This ends part two of the project log, stay tuned for more!


Cool logo generator used in NodeJS API

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