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AAD Security made easy: Check your Azure AD Security with One-Liner (AZSK.AAD)

You can now scan your AAD tenant security posture with one-liner, and get really detailed and comprehensive report of the results


Install-Module AzSK.AAD -Scope CurrentUser -AllowClobber 
Import-Module AzSK.AAD 
<#Controls available

The following controls are available from the get go!

AAD_Tenant_RBAC_Grant_Limited_Access_To_GuestsGuests must not be granted full access to the directory
AAD_Tenant_RBAC_Dont_Permit_Guests_To_Invite_GuestsGuests must not be allowed to invite other guests
AAD_Tenant_MFA_Required_For_AdminsAdmins must use baseline MFA policy
AAD_Tenant_Apps_Dont_Allow_Users_To_Create_AppsDo not permit users to create apps in tenant
AAD_Tenant_RBAC_Dont_Allow_Users_To_Invite_GuestsDo not permit users to invite guests to the tenant
AAD_Tenant_Misc_Set_Security_Contact_InfoSecurity compliance notification phone and email must be set
AAD_Tenant_Device_Require_MFA_For_JoinEnable ’require MFA’ for joining devices to tenant
AAD_Tenant_Device_Set_Max_Per_User_LimitSet a max device limit for users in the tenant
AAD_Tenant_MFA_Review_Bypassed_UsersReview list of current ’MFA-bypassed’ users in the tenant
AAD_Tenant_MFA_Allow_Users_To_Notify_About_FraudAllow users to send notifications about possible fraud
AAD_Tenant_Apps_Regulate_Data_Access_ApprovalDo not allow users to approve tenant data access for external apps
AAD_Tenant_RBAC_Keep_Min_Global_AdminsInclude at least three members in global admin role
AAD_Tenant_RBAC_Dont_Have_Guests_As_Global_AdminsGuest users must not be made members of global admin role
AAD_Tenant_AuthN_Use_Custom_Banned_PasswordsEnsure that custom banned passwords list is configured for use
AAD_Tenant_AuthN_Enforce_Banned_Passwords_OnPremEnsure that banned password check is enabled on-prem and set to ’Enforce’ level
AAD_Tenant_Privacy_Configure_Valid_Privacy_ContactEnsure that tenant-wide privacy contact email is set to a valid (current) non-guest user
AAD_Tenant_Privacy_Configure_Valid_Privacy_StatementEnsure that a privacy statement is configured and points to a valid URL
AAD_Application_Remove_Test_Demo_AppsOld test/demo apps should be removed from the tenant
AAD_Application_ReturnURLs_Use_HTTPSAll return URLs configured for an application must be HTTPS endpoints
AAD_Application_Review_Orphaned_AppsDo not permit orphaned apps (i.e., apps with no owners) in the tenant
AAD_Application_Require_FTE_OwnerAt least one of the owners of an app must be an FTE
AAD_Application_HomePage_Use_HTTPSThe home page URL for an application must be an HTTPS endpoint
AAD_Application_LogoutURLs_Use_HTTPSThe logout URL configured for an application must be an HTTPS endpoint
AAD_Application_Must_Have_Privacy_DisclosureAll enterprise apps must use a privacy disclosure statement
AAD_Application_Must_Restrict_To_TenantEnterprise (line of business) apps should be tenant scope only
AAD_Application_Minimize_Resource_Access_RequestedApps should request the least permissions needed to various resources
AAD_ServicePrincipal_Use_Cert_CredentialsSPNs must not use password creds – use cert creds instead
AAD_ServicePrincipal_Review_Legacy_SPNSPNs of type legacy should be carefully reviewed
AAD_ServicePrincipal_Check_Key_ExpirySPN key credentials should be renewed before expiry
AAD_Device_Review_Stale_DevicesReview and remove stale devices from the directory
AAD_User_DirSync_Setting_Should_Match_TenantA user’s dirsync-enabled setting must match the tenant level setting
AAD_User_Do_Not_Disable_Password_ExpirationDo not disable password expiration policy for users
AAD_User_Do_Not_Disable_Strong_PasswordDo not disable strong password policy for users
AAD_Group_Use_Security_EnabledAll AAD groups must be security enabled (TBD)
AAD_Group_Require_FTE_OwnerGroup must have at least one non-guest (native) owner

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